Tapas Nine reunited - why now?

With the media frenzy surrounding the McCann's easing off - even the Sky News website has dropped its 'Madeleine' menu tag - the unsolved mystery surrounding Madeleine's disappearance and the investigation into it raises more questions than it has answered. The latest is why the Tapas Nine have decided to have a get together at a hotel in Rothley - now. As Clarence Mitchell pointed out they've had email, the internet and mobiles to communicate and be in touch so any conspiratorial suggestion that this summit had been an exercise in getting their stories straight ahead of yet another round of questioning that the Portuguese police are reported to be preparing seems unfounded.

As the Times reports, Mitchell said: "It is the first time the nine have sat down face to face. It was really just a get-together to discuss where they are at" - yes but as any inherently suspicious journalist (such as Clarence himself) should know, the question is always 'why' not necessarily 'what' and that appears to be the case with the Tapas Nine's get together in an Alan Partridge style hotel.

It could be that the only inconsistencies in their stories relates to their inactivity - in terms of the diligence and frequency of the checks they carried out on the sleeping children as opposed to any active role in Madeleine's disappearance. Hopefully detective agency Metodo 3 can live up to its bravado and get the focus back on finding Madeleine.

In the meantime The Express is keeping the McCann's on the front pages reporting on Portuguese police suspicions over Tapas reunited.

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