Anti-Defamation League welcomes clarification after Will Smith misquoted over Hitler

A race row was brewing in cyberspace after several websites misquoted and interpreted what actor Will Smith had said in an interview with Scottish tabloid the Daily Record. The Hollywood star’s comments that Hitler’s ‘twisted, backwards logic’ led him to the deluded belief that the atrocities he was carrying out were ‘good’ were misinterpreted as actually condoning Hitler as good. This caused widespread upset – not least to Smithwho issued a clarification on the matter.

The Anti-Defamation League has welcomed Smith’s clarification and pointed out that the “episode serves as a reminder of the power of words, and how words can be twisted by those with hate and bigotry in their hearts to suit their own worldview. This is why all celebrities bear a special responsibility to weigh their words carefully, and an obligation to speak out against racism and bigotry whenever even a whiff of it appears, as Will Smith has done in this instance.”

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