Independent exposes the substance Jonathan Ross' overblown salary could buy

Thanks to Arifa Akbar, Arts Reporter at the Independent for doing some decent journalistic research to put Jonathan Ross' controversial salary into context.

It's a shocker. The analysis published in the Independent illustrates that:
"Jonathan Ross's salary is £18m over three years or £6m annually. Per annum, one Jonathan Ross equals:

* 200 broadcast journalists from London (at basic average salary £30,000).

* 400 regional broadcast journalists (at basic average salary £15,000).

* 315.8 library clerks/assistants (at grade three, basic salary £19,000).

* 227.7 producers and directors (at grade five, basic salary £26,353).

* 181.3 graphic designers (at grade nine, basic salary £33,094)."[SOURCE: Independent]

The point to make here is that its easy to take a pop at Ross over his salary but its not him one should be criticising - he, as any one else, will be getting his share of a market that creates the prices that are so disproportionate. Mediabeak stands by our previous analysis that the media sector is no different to sports where fees are set in relation to traded rights and what executives and media brokers think they can 'sell' on the back of performance. Such performance is media as medium to deliver entertainment as opposed to media that fulfils its part in a democracy as providing information and scrutiny. The political system has gots its overspun claws into the public sector so we could arrive at the situation whereby the public actually trust the private sector more to deliver unibiased and accurate news.

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