Robbie Williams says sorry for 'unintentional' mocking (and potentially libellous lyrics)

Robbie Williams has ducked out of a high court libel action after offering to pay undisclosed damages and offering an unreserved apology to his former Take That manager Nigel Martin Smith over a 'misunderstanding' over the meaning of the lyrics in the original version of his song The 90's.

The misunderstood suggestion was that management had ripped off the unsuspecting Take That boys in the 90's - perish the thought. Having been hit with a writ Williams decided to pay off Martin Smith with enough to make him go away. Martin Smith's lawyer issued a statement saying that his client did not want the case to get this far and if only Robbie had said sorry sooner it would not have come to this - well a substantial payout will probably help him get over it.

Williams has reissued the track with amended lyrics on his recent Rudebox album.

Mediabeak observes that when it comes to libel it reaches beyond the obvious headlines and transcends into lyrics and innuendo that if 'misunderstood' could well give cause for a trip to the High Court.

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