Complaints soar but Louis Walsh says X Factor result was fair

As reported on Mediabeak Ofcom has been flooded with complaints about the ability to vote on the hotly contested X-Factor final last weekend. In the space of 24 hours the number of complaints rose to over 1,000 viewers who claimed they were not able to get through to vote for their favourite.

Judge Louis Walsh has come out and said that it was not down to the best voice but the performance and 'X' factor and Leon's heartfelt appeal to the public ultimately won him a clear 10% lead in the votes. One might say 'who cares' but this goes deeper than the passions of Rhydian or Leon fans and brings us uncomfortably back to the arguments about vote rigging and the seeming inability of programme makers and the phone competiton third parties they engage to properly manage and secure compliance over facets of their programmes that engage the public and induce them to spend their money. So its time that broadcasters realised they need to invest as much resource in the compliance of product/programme add-ons as they throw at their promotion.

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who was the phone company that operated the competition for ITV?

Anonymous said...

Seems to have been production company Talkback Thames