From 'Golden Balls' to 'Swollen Balls' - Beckham's latest pose causes upset

With ball action on the pitch somewhat deflated of late it may seem logical for Beckham to turn to his material assets off the pitch as part of the brand Beckham promotion trail. While many ball lovers may delight at Beckham's soft porn pose for a new Giorgio Armani advert, the sight of him in his pants has caused upset among the more discerning. As Sky reports, children's charity Kidscape says the ad demeans Becks and demeans soccer. In other words the message is that its not good enough to be a talented ball player on the pitch, you also have to be one off the pitch to succeed in today's world. In reality its just a case of cashing in on another opportunity to pose for money - or to be fair to Beckham follow up the opportunity of working with a designer he likes after Armani designed some snappy suits for the English soccer squad.

The Beckhams have gone for a more racy approach to fashion since trying to conquer the US market. This latest ad pic might cause some people concern but if consumers didn't want to see it then its unlikely Armani would risk his global pant sales with a controversial ad. Complaints about adverts go to the Advertising Standards Authority - so one will have to wait and see if any complaints wing their way in that direction. Their latest adjudications can be viewed HERE

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