Don't mention the 'C' word it'll get your ad banned

'C' is for not what you may be thinking but in the seasonal context of this post it is for 'crib' yes, crib as in manger as in the makeshift bed the baby jesus may have been laid in. Luckily this site is relatively free from censorship (Mediabeak hopes) and the word 'crib' and 'jesus' can still be published without causing too much offence. However if you use the word 'crib' or can possibly be seen to be promoting it as something people may be influenced to buy then beware. Ireland is, it is fair to say, often associated with christianity in the form of catholicism but times are changing. While there is scope for the politically correct guide to teddy bear naming, there is also scope for a new guide to celebrating the end of the year - formerly known as Christmas - in a non-offensive manner.

This will provide little consolation for Veritas, the publishing division of the catholic church who are outraged after their Christmas card ad was pulled from Irish State TV, RTÉ for potentially promoting the sale of cribs and this could be seen as being a broadcast 'directed towards religious ends'.

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The relevant code in England is Section 4 of the Ofcom Broadcast Code that covers Religion - and Section 10 of the BCAP broadcast advertising code

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