Who's suing who this week - Kate Moss, Suzanne Shaw and 'An East Grinstead Woman'

There's no let up in those upset by what they've seen or read - and while libel lawyers may have maligned a fairly static market over the past 18 months, there does seem to be a sustaining flow of cases coming through to play with. This weeks offerings are - according to unverified reports - being led by 34 year-old, 34 hour (or not, depending on which paper, mag or site you read) party girl Kate Moss. News of the World cited a 'source' as reason to believe she had rounded off her birthday celebrations with an orgy at the Dorchester hotel in London. Other papers had said she'd actually left her party and couldn't go the distance (whatever that was) so there are plenty of conflicting 'stories'.

However her partying ended it was not, apparently, in the form of an orgy and Mossy has apparently instructed Harbottle and Lewis to defend her honour.

Reports of legal action have so far been carried by purveyors of such news in the form of:
Entertainmentwise and Heatworld

Next up we have Suzanne Shaw - the former Hear'Say member who has made a return via the reality tv world that is Dancing on Ice - she's going to sue anyone who publishes details of or markets sex tapes that she has falsely been linked to. The tapes have been around since 2001 but have now regained their currency through her appearance on ice antics. If its not her in the pictures then the real person has missed an opportunity to sell their story to the tabloids - "It was me in those pics" - meanwhile anyone trying to make money out of Shaw-lookalike sex should know that she's on their case. That case could however be a difficult one to police or prove if clips that have previously done the rounds resurface on the likes of YouTube with not discernible originator.

And finally we turn to what the Press Gazette reported on as "a legal battle for libel damages brought by an East Grinstead woman". The woman in question goes under the name of Amber Daunt and she's particularly displeased with 'Take a Break' (Kitkat being optional) magazine over an article she claims was defamatory and in respect of which she is seeking £200,000 damages. There aren't too many details on what caused her such upset but in tabloid parlance 'its got Amber seeing red'.

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