Cecilia Sarkozy fails to ban book and criticisms of 'President Bling Bling'

The former wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy has failed to persuade a Paris court to issue an order preventing publication of a book about her. Cecilia Sarkozy had wanted to prevent publication of the book bearing her name by author Anna Bitton on the grounds that it contained unflattering remarks about her former husband that she claims were wrongly attributed to her or taken out of context.

The book is one of several that examine the woman who was behind the French presidential candidate, now president and discuss her influenc on him as well as his shortcomings behind the political spotlight. Her attempt to ban the book may be fuelled out of some residual deference to her former husband or desire to prevent unnecessary scandal - or accusation that she was (as she is entitled to) behaving like the woman scorned. The court was not however persuaded to ban the book and public interest in it, as in the president is describes, is as great as ever.

Both in polical and private life Nicolas Sarkozy doesn't seem to hang about and is moving quickly on with legislative measures as well as his new relationship and love with former Italian model, Carla Bruni. The French press have already shared their public's intrigue with the 'speedy' president - or as the front page of Liberation captioned him 'President Bling Bling'

Back in Britain, the Independent today ran a piece on the book Cecilia tried to ban

Other papers discussed whether Sarkozy might become engaged to and possibly even marry Carla Bruni before his official visit to the UK later in the year. According to the media, the Queen would welcome the move as it would spare 'one' having the awkward situation of offring two bedrooms when Sarkozy stays at Windsor Castle.

Let's big it up for bling-bling and hope he's as good for his country as he's proving to be at livening up its political media coverage.

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