Major gaffe on Parade as US magazine keeps Benazir Bhutto alive on its front page.

The editorial department at US magazine Parade must have been on a long vacation over the new year as the brutal assasination of Benazir Bhutto seems to have eluded them and allowed the slain former leader's picture and caption "I am what the terrorists fear most" to remain on the magazine's front page as it spread its way across the US in the form of a free insert into several million of the country's leading papers.

Publishers argued that with over 30 million magazines already printed it would have been logistically and economically unviable to withdraw or amend circulation. Yes the interview is interesting - more so if she were still alive - and it is arguably one of the last interviews before she died but to release a front page that totally overlooked the fact that the terrorists had in fact been her final nightmare is not the sort of commercial decision that can or should override journalistic accuracy or integrity. Credit to Parade for the interview. Discredit for failing to acknowledge she had died at the hands of the terrorists who, as she claimed, saw her as a nemesis.

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