PCC Chairman calls for revamp of 'pretty weird' regulation

PCC Chairman Sir Christopher Meyer has honestly laid out the challenge that faces media regulation. Appearing before the House of Lords Communications Committee he acknowledged that the current system of regulation - knitting together the PCC that covers print and online press, Ofcom for broadcast and the ASA for advertising was a mix of regimes that would benefit from rationalisation and reorganisation.

Meyer's comments are welcome in that they point to an acceptance of what needs to be done with media regulation in the UK and the need for an inclusive and cohesive approach between rules for print, broadcast, online and adverts. A review and shake up of the regulatory regime would be both welcome and necessary. It would be preferable to reorganise the self-regulatory landscape along lines that acknowledge developments in law, regulation and technology than to keep manipulating the suite of out-of-date laws that surround it. If regulation took the funamental principles of the European Human Rights Convention as its backdrop and then worked outwards from that it could take regulation where it needs to be and create some clarity and workable rules for the media. This would be preferable to any legislative measures in areas such as privacy which successive parliaments have steered clear from and would be difficult to frame along the flexible lines that are required.


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