Golf Channel suspends presenter over Tiger Woods lynching jibe

US cable tv station the Golf Channel has suspended its anchor Kelly Tilghman for an offensive choice of phrase in discussing Tiger Woods performance at the second round of the PGA Tour season. In what she conceded was a poor choice of words she commented to Nick Faldo that if other players wanted to challenge Woods they'd have to "lynch him in a back alley".

She claimed this was all in jest and that she's known Tiger for over a decade and this was not meant to be offensive but her bosses at the channel took appropriate action making it clear that alluding to the lynch mob actions of the past was not acceptable, least not on air. Her comments were accepted as jest by Woods but civil rights activist the Reverend Al Sharpton has got on the case and is demanding Tilghman's scalp (metaphorically of course!)

The media are making mileage out of this - reports from Reuters
ABC News

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