McCann watch: Express stoops to new lows to secure headline

Having moved on from Diana conspiracy theories the Express has now turned its attentions to the McCanns. Its editorials have offered nothing of 'newsbreaking' value to the Diana coverage and have provided nothing beyond recycled stories in relation to the McCanns. This Sunday's offering, suggesting the 'agony' of Madeleine had led to a McCann 'split' was as gratuitous and cheap as it was substanceless - as noted by Greenslade.

It is perhaps surprising that the McCann's have managed to remain focused and togther INSPITE of the media coverage that has been driven by speculation rather than substance. Greenslade's rebuke is totally justified and hopefully the PCC will be engaged to deal with this cheap excuse of a headline. Having spotted the headline, Mediabeak did decide to read the story but all it confirmed was that the Express is as far away from a real investigative scoop or news story as it has been for quite some time. So the money one might have wasted on buying a print copy may aid its struggling circulation but will not enhance its reputation.

What the McCann coverage and even the repositioning of our heroic BA flight Captain and First Officer reporting tell us is that the tabloids are experts at packaging and selling stories but the stories of today are no match for the proper news that used to be delivered by the press of yesteryear.

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