Abramovitch sues The Sun over suggestion he’d dined on Mourinho’s head

As previously reported on Mediabeak, Roman Abramovitch is heading for the high court this month where he is suing The Sun for suggesting he had acted in an unprofessional manner in commenting on former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho. Headlining its story in a way that only The Sun or Star can, it had a picture of Abramovitch brandishing a knife and fork about to tuck into a plate on which was superimposed the head of Mourinho along with the caption “Rom: I ate Jose! Jibe by Chelsea boss”. Abramovitch failed to see the funny side to the suggestion that he had downplayed Mourinho’s contribution to the club and proceeded to issue a writ.

The Sun may wish to check in with colleagues at The Times who defended a libel action over comments about Southampton FC Chairman Rupert Lowe. That case centred on the less graphic comment that Southampton boss Rupert Lowe had behaved ‘shabbily’ over the depature of the club's manager. It saw the jury award a staggering £250,000 in libel damages - this was subsequently reduced to £50,000.

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