TV - Should baby behaviour programmes be banned?

OK so no one has ever said parenting was easy but there have been parents and troublesome toddlers long before there was ever reality tv - so this takes us to the debate over whether (1) we need reality tv to tell us how to bring up baby and, more importantly (2) in parading wayward and, arguably maladjusted tots on such tv programmes we are exploiting them.

Programmes such as Supernanny do take the parents to task over their behaviour rather than just blame the children which is probably why this more balanced approach has caused less consternation. Not all programmes have been as well received and the various self-professed gurus of parenting skill have also been called into question. One programme in particular has drawn particular complaint - 'Bringing up baby' on Channel 4 has already, according to a report on MediaGuardian, clocked up 743 complaints to regulator Ofcom and has attracted a web campaign by The Children's Project which is petitioning against the show

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What do you think? mail mediabeak your comments so we can continue the debate and ask whether current Ofcom guidelines do enough to stike a balance between informational programme making and protecting children from being exploited by such shows.

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