Egypt: bloggers and journalists accounts cut in blatant censorship attempt

Egypt, which appears on the Reporters Without Frontiers watchlist as one of the “enemies of Internet Freedom” seems intent on intimidating and imprisoning bloggers and journalists who may report too closely what is actually going on.

A journalist has been investigated for taking pictures and covering the story of a demonstration at a university which was – ironically – hosting a conference on information technology and regulation of the internet.

Another journalist had his YouTube account suspended after posting scenes of police brutality on his blog.

The whole point of blogging is that it empowers and provides publishing for the people. Those in power may in the past have been able to influence news agendas and even news websites but they have no control over blogs – other than the blatant censorship being seen in countries such as Egypt and others highlighted by organisations like Reporters Without Frontiers. The spectre of citizen journalism and ability of the public to report on what they see – tell it as it is – without editorial agendas or interference is a threat to those who like to distort the news, censor what we see and hear and infringe free expression. That is why they seek to suppress, intimidate and cut it off. The power of blogging and the internet is that news of such practices will spread beyond the servers, networks and borders they control.


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