Babeworld TV busted by Ofcom

Ofcom has, according to reports on mediaguardian, hit Babeworld TV with a £25,000 fine for beaming out smut shortly after the watershed.

An outraged mother had complained after she found her young son and his friends being told by scantily clad ‘presenters’ thrusting their wares into the camera lens that "you are going to be spunking your load" – they went on to say that "Mimi's pussy needs some attention", and invited viewers to contemplate that their "cock could virtually be straight in between my tits right now".

Fined for being flagrantly in breach of Ofcom’s Broadcast Code rules on protecting uner 18s from offensive material, Ofcom ruled that the channel was broadcasting what was blatantly ‘adult material’ that should have been broadcast under encryption. The fact that the programme makers had said that the producer had been ‘retrained’ did little to offset the fact that viewers were also invited to phone in for more off-screen offerings and, still before 10pm, were invited to to "send in your pictures, show us your nice hard cock".

In issuing its fine Ofcom took into account that Babeworld was no stranger to complaints and had done little to address past issues relating to its output.

Ofcom Broadcast bulletins

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