Top cops clash in libel case

Its not always the media who get sued. Two former Metropolitan Police officers have been in court over ‘libellous allegations’ contained in a book. Having been cleared of charges back in 2003 for perverting the course of justice, Chief Superintendent Ali Dizaei co-authored a book entitled ‘Not one of us’ about his experience and the police force. There was public outrage at the time with estimates that between £4-7 million pounds of taxpayers money had been wasted on what turned out to be a 'witch hunt' - background on Newsnight and more Newsnight

The book contained the suggestion that former colleague and now Devon and Cornwall Chief Constable, Stephen Otter had given ‘false evidence’ at Mr Dizaei’s trial – so the suggestion was that Otter had in effect also perverted the course of justice by giving false evidence at Dizaei’s trial.

In the circumstances neither could be shown to have perverted the course of justice and Dizaei was cleared of criminal charges and Otter has now won libel damages from Dizaei in respect of the same.

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