Kidman sets lawyers on the Telegraph for commenting on her choice of perfume

Nicole Kidman has unleashed Schillings on the Daily Telegraph after its Spy column suggested her favourite perfume was not the Chanel No 5 she advertises and is paid to publicise but Jo Malone's White Jasmine and Mint. What great pre-Christmas publicity for Jo Malone but not so good for Chanel who are reported to be "unhappy" that Kidman was favouring the English city-chique scent over their classic perfume. Kidman may be in breach of contract for dousing herself in Jasmine and Mint but in the meantime is suing the Telegraph for the grossly defamatory claim. This is unlikely to get near court but if it did it would be great to have sniff test evidence admitted to ascertain whether the claim that she did indeed have an air of Jasmine and Mint rather than No 5 about her could be stood up to be true and rebut the defamatory slur on her character.

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