Mirror pays damages to Danielle Lloyd over ‘fiddy diddy’ sex slur

Former Big Brother contestant and Miss Great Britain, Danielle Lloyd has accepted undisclosed ‘substantial’ damages from the Mirror over claims that she’d had a hot night in with 50 Cent.

The story, published in July, carried the headline “Fiddy’s no diddy, Danielle looking wobbly after big night in with 50 Cent” and suggested she had sexually propositioned rapper 50 Cent and cheated on Wigan Athletic player Marcus Bent.

It was the Mirror that left the High Court short of change today after accepting its story had been untrue and that Lloyd had not in common parlance ‘been going out’ with Bent. Even though her agent Ray Levine had issued a denial to the paper at the time, it went ahead with the story.

This then spread across further websites under various headlines which she said caused distress, embarrassment and damage to her reputation.

She issued proceedings at the end of August through Carter Ruck.

Lloyd didn’t comment on the amount of damages but issued a statement saying:
“I was devastated by the disgusting lies about my private life which the Daily Mirror published without a shred of evidence to back them up and despite being told the truth in advance. The allegations could not have been more hurtful and the story in which they appeared was unbelievably spiteful and malicious.”

Lloyd sued the Daily Star earlier in the year:
This is not the first time this year the press have had to pay out for suggesting Lloyd’s been having steamy sex. The Daily Star was in the doc back in May over its allegations that Lloyd was afraid that a sex tape of her having a romp with a DJ could ruin her career. The paper was forced to apologise and make a donation to charity as well as reimburse legal fees and costs.

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