Muckraking with Macca and Mucca

[Image from News of the World, Sunday 11.11.07]

How do you top Heather Mills' performance on GMTV the other day? - it now appears she has a series of secret recordings that substantiate some of her complaints about Macca's behaviour. The protracted hostilities surrounding their divorce would make for a special edition of the Jeremy Kyle or Vivien Vile show and the way the pre-hearing disclosures are going that would perhaps be a more fitting forum to hear the charges. Mischon de Reya have (ditched) parted company with Mills, who is going to represent herself when it finally comes to the big showdown with Macca in court. They still seem to be fogetting that this isn't LA Law and that they will be subjecting themselves to the family courts where the main focus, rightly, will be on the welfare of their daughter. For all their potential sensation, these latst Maccagate tapes might not even be admissable in court - so reference to them may be no more than posturing to force Macca to get the chequebook out and improve the settlement offer he previously put on the table. If the substance of the tapes is true then it could see the halo slip from the popular public hero who seemingly can do no wrong. As ever, Macca seems unphased and is enjoying his trans-atlantic attentions. The sad fact about this bitter battle is that the inability of both parties to seek a selfless settlement is going to leave an ugly legacy for their poor daughter. There will be no winners - other than perhaps Macca's lawyers at Payne Hicks Beach. In the meantime trial by media continues and it would be wrong to blame the press for this one - Macca and Mucca know what they're doing so they should expect some more criticism in weeks to come.
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