US war on Wikileaks heats up

While Julian Assange awaits the outcome of his extradition fate, the wider Wikileaks war is heating up over in the US. While the State Department is scrambling all of its darkest forces to compile a conspiracy case that would see Private Bradley Manning (who is suspected of leaking confidential material to Wikileaks) banged up and (if they had their way) Assange beheaded, a court in Virginia is being asked to trample all over free speech and Twitter through seeking to force it to disclose details of anyone who may have tweeted anything to Wikileaks.

The BIG irony for the US is that it prides itself on its glorious First Amendment and free speech as well as being the arbiter for what the rest of the world should be doing - so it goes and condemns the shaky and shaken middle east as well as far eastern regimes for suppressing free speech and communication BUT the US is at the same time seeking to do exactly the same thing in its attempts to force Twitter to give up details of those that tweet and express themselves.

The US has moved from Watergate to Wikigate and is not sitting on the moral high ground on this one.

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