Sticky wicket for ECB as libel action looms

What was arguably one of the sport's most messy and mutinous affairs could be set for some more airtime when the libel action by those at the centre of the affair against one of their key accusers - Giles Clarke of the ECB - hits the High Court in July.

As reported by the Telegraph some four weeks of court time have been set aside for this courtroom test match that will prove to be either bravado or vindication on the part of the plaintiffs and could be not just costly but crippling for the ECB.

Clarke claims his criticisms of the self-styled splinter faction spearheaded by Modi and IMG were justified and as such his comments at the time were either justified or covered by qualified privilege. While there may be sympathy towards Clarke and his bid to uphold the integrity and power of the ECB, the burden will be on him and his legal team to show that in so doing he did not defame his adversaries.

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