Never mind extradition - Assange applies for trade mark to own his own bad news

What better way to while away the time between extradition ruling and appeal than to file a trade mark application for ones own name. Yes, Julian Assange has - on the 14 February - applied to trade mark his own name under Class 41 goods and services: Public speaking services; news reporter services; journalism; publication of texts other than publicity texts; education services; entertainment services.

So, if it gets granted he will be able to control the use of his name in relation to news about him - depending on how one perceives this it is genius, just plain weird, megalomaniacal. What it does mean is that if it is not opposed ten following publication, Assange will be able to control the use of his name in relaiton to Class 41 services. The Register offers some good argument as to why the application might be opposed but if he secures the mark then he could have some fun in seeking to control how his name is used in media reports - undoubtedly a creative angle cooked up by his legal team - and one which if conceived on that basis, Mediabeak does think is pretty shrewd and will set an interesting precedent.

That having been said - we've had plenty examples of people not being able to trade mark their own names - whether Victoria Beckham "Posh" in the UK or Sarah Palin in the US.

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