Not so foxy Knoxy's parents facing libel battle

Things are not looking too promising for the Knox family and they are probably wishing they hadn't 'spoken out' over the police process that saw Amanda Knox sent to jail for the murder of Meredith Kercher and could lead to Curt Knox and Edda Mellas being prosecuted for libelling the Italian police.

Aside from the murder conviction, Amanda Knox is already on her second libel action -she has already been found liable for libel for seeking to frame bar owner Patrick Lumumba for the Kercher killing and ordered to pay €40,000 - and currently faces court action for her accusations of the police's treatment of her which are also being treated as libel and for which she has a case coming up in a couple of months time.

Now her parents are in the frame for criticising the Italian cops - specifically in an interview that appeared in the Sunday Times in 2009 where they spoke out about what they claimed was the atrocious treatment of their daughter at the hands of the Italian police.

Their case is up for hearing on 4 July so that gives them some time to prepare thier defence which they will need - unless they want to join their daughter in an Italian jail. In Italy libel is proscuted as a criminal offence and under Article 596 of the Italian Criminal Code those found guilty of libel can be imprisoned for up to a year of face a large fine.

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