To extradite or not extradite - d-day looms for Assange

So will the UK try to wash its hands of Assange or will His Honour - Judge Riddle - decide that Swedish prosecutors can't simply use a trial by media to secure an actual show trial back in Sweden?

According to one of the more learned placed legal sources, Matrix chambers' Julian Knowles, Assange should pack his bags and expect an imminent journey to meet Marianne Ny in Stockholm. Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Law in Action programme - as reported in the Guardian - Knowles commented that extradition was more likely to happen than not and that despite the protestations of Assange's legal team, the European Arrest Warrant as issued by Marianne Ny could have legal bite.

Whatever gets decided in court tomorrow there is still right of appeal so to the extend the media will get more material the final decision on extradition could still be reserved for some future date - at which rate the US might finally have got round to closing Guantanamo and the threat of Assange being 'put down' by US security forces might seem more fanciful than conspiracy theorists may currently be suggesting. All the while the prosecution witnesses in Sweden might also get bored or bought out or whatever...this is no done deal.

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