Sarkozy manages to alienate the entire French judiciary

As reported in the Guardian and elsewhere, French President Sarkozy has been accused of using a particularly gruesome murder case that has dominated the headlines as an excuse for having a go at judges for being too lax with sentencing.

Sarkozy seeking to make political capital out of a high profile murder case - surely not?

Well whatever his motives, his actions have spectacularly back-fired and he's got the majority of the French magistrates and the judiciary out in protest against him. It is never wise to make an enemy of a judge, let alone the majority of the judiciary - who knows when he might need them to be on side? - we have seen what can happen when the tables turn when one looks at Berlusconi deciding he can yet again take on not just the Italian prosecutors but the entire legal system and constitution and somehow prove they are all wrong and he right.

Mediabeak suspects that for Sarkozy there will still be a few rounds to go and he needs to pull off some quick remedial work to get out of the hole he has dug himself. As for Berlusconi and holes, will leave that to the Italian prosecutors to sort out.

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