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PCC Roadshow
Leeds was today the 10th city to be visited on the PCC’s journey to take its services to the people. While the PCC’s roadshow can hardly be described as a whsitlestop tour – it kicked off in 2003 – it has increased awareness among the public and provided a good forum for feedback. Raised awareness coupled with an easy online procedure has seen press complaints increase steadily in recent years. Beyond providing a simplified and accessible mechanism for complaining and keeping the press in check, the PCC has also been active behind the scenes in brokering deals to resolve disputes.

A recent example was a complaint made against the News of the World for having accused a volunteer worker of selling ‘linky sex’ on the internet. The case was resolved after the complainant, Mrs Jacqueline Sharp provided evidence to show her website had been ‘purely for research’, and the NoW published a statement to clarify the position:
“On 22 April we reported that Ms Jacqueline Sharp, a volunteer worker for the Citizens Advice Bureau, was 'selling kinky sex' on the Internet. After refusing to comment at the time, Ms Sharp now wishes to state that she has never sold sex - or dominatrix services - and that her mistress Sabrina' website was purely for research.”

News of the World resolves 'Purely for research' case

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