Lawyers not above the law - court lifts gag on convicted lawyer

As previously reported on Mediabeak, the High Court had imposed a gag on reporting the identity of a barrister convicted of harassment on the grounds that his identification could harm or embarrass his children. Court reporting restrictions under the Children and Young Persons Act allow for restrictions to be placed upon identification but as Mediabeak pointed out, this will depend on the likelihood or proximity of harm children may be exposed to and in this case it was not that great a risk and certainly not one that outweighed the right of the public to know about the barristers lawful conviction for a crime.

The media challenged the gagging order and the High Court reconvened a full hearing to decide if the person in question could be named. A ruling by two judges sitting in the High Court were sympathetic to the impeccable professional track record enjoyed by - who we now know to be - Lincoln Crawford - they made it clear that no one, not even a lawyer or judge was above the law and as such, in the circumstances, he could be identified.

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