Crucifixion keeps McCanns in the headlines

As the embers of the failed investigations in Portugal fade, while private investigators Metodo3 have yet to find more than new office premises and the tabloids continue to fill column space with the occasional snipe and counter PR, one has to ask how the story of the coverage of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann will end.

Too little is known about her fate and as we rapidly approach the first anniversary of her disappearnce all we do know is that never in the history of the british press has so much coverage been generated by so little tangible fact.

So we have arrived at this ironic headline that accuses and asks the media to stop hounding - or to echo their faith - crucifying the McCanns yet is one of the headlines they still desperately seek and presumably (through their aides) place to keep the disappearance of and search for Madeleine in the public consciousness.

To the extent that Kate McCann's mother, Susan Healey, may be pleading to lay off her daughter she also needs those carrying out the perceived crucifixion to keep the story alive.

Unless there is some dramatic breakthrough or miracle then it will not be Portugal's judicial police or a Spanish sleuth that will lead us to Madeleine. The case is more likely to end where it started with the surrounding story and media coverage. Faith may be keeping Kate and Gerry's hope alive but its the media that is doing more to cover and join the dots of this case.

No one, least of all the media like an unfinished story or package - the race to solve the case is as great as ever. Much as the McCanns may feel persecuted by the media they need to be aware that it will be the media that go the extra mile to discover what happened - a headline will always sell whereas another entry into the logbook of a beleaguered investigation will - on present evidence - add little value or bring us any closer to understanding what happened on that tragic night and what became of Madeleine.

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