McCartney Mills divorce: Judgment day set for Mucca and Macca

The Judicial Communications Office has today announced that the judge, His Honour Hugh Bennett, presiding over the McCartney Mills divorce battle will deliver his judgment on March 17th. There has been extensive media coverage, rumour and speculation about the long awaited financial settlement. Following a hearing ealier in the month there was hope that the feuding couple might arrive at a settlement but unless there is a last minute development, it will now be the court that decides who gets what at the end of the protracted hostilities.

While this case is all about money - something neither of the parties will be short of - it has detracted from the real victim caught up in the media and pr crossfire that has been pouring indirectly and sometimes directly from the Mucca v Macca camps. Hopefully the couple's four year old daughter Beatrice will not be a regular reader of the public war of words that has taken place in the press in the run up to this financial endgame. Irrespective of the tales that have been told thus far, the fact that is has come to this sheds neither party in particularly good light.

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