Ofcom: Jamie Oliver rapped for plugging Flavour Shaker

Ofcom has published its latest complaints bulletin today. Among complaints over a dog fighting scene in a film on Turner Classic Movies and promotion given to the Vauxhall Tigra on Britain's Next Top Model programme on the Living channel (at least the car they chose matched the people the programme featured!) the regulator recieved complaints that Jamie Oiver's new series, Jamie at Home, had given undue prominence to Jamie's great invention the 'Flavour Shaker'. Quite who cares enough about the product or the fact it might have been mentioned is another issue but in relation to Ofcom's rules 10.1 and 10.4 on editorial independence and undue prominence (Ofcom Code section 10), the regulator found that the programme had breached both rules. So note to celebrity chefs - when filming in your kitchen don't go plugging your products - or Sainsbury's for that matter Jamie!

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