Express pays out to Pentagon Capital - Desmond in the frame

As Mediabeak reported last week, The Sunday Express has today been in court to confirm its agreement to pay undisclosed libel damages to Pentagon Capital Management over a story that claimed the firm was intending to withold £1bn of its investors funds.

As reported on mediaguardian it seems the article was prompted by the paper's proprietor Frank Desmond.

Roy Greenslade certainly thinks that Desmond is a 'rogue proprietor'. Mediabeak's own research into the days the Express has spent in the dock in recent times certainly supports the argument that its standards and editorial influences are keeping its lawyers busy. For example, the paper's coverage of the Kate and Gerry McCann was about as excessive and irresponsible as it gets - August 2007 saw nearly every front page devoted to some unsubstantiated claim in relation to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

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