Clarkson - Thatcher - give us a relevant front page

OK so we've had over 2000 people rally against the BBCs decision to 'axe' Carol Thatcher and people are lining up to pin prick a voodoo doll of Jeremy Clarkson but given what havoc and turmoil our governments are wreaking across the world at this time is it really the case that the words of two moderately significant television personalities should be dictating the media agenda? No.

Get a grip world. Mediabeak has already discussed Carol Thatcher's views so turning to Jezza Clarkson, what is the big deal? Well what is happening here is that his profile has gathered 'traction' to the extent that what he says on his various media appearances matters. His 'controversial' views would normally be dismissed as those of a saddo down a suburban or home-counties pub. As his audience and 'influence' are broader we therefore rate his rantings more highly. His 'thing' is to try to be controversial or shock - so say some outrageous things about other countries or the focal capabilities of the UK premier and there is bound to be publicity.

What's gone wrong here is that the politicians have run out of anything interesting to say and the cars being reviewed by Jeremy et al are devoid of anything spectacular enough to trump the political agenda and both are left exposed. A big budget and a fast car have historically failed to deliver substance - so, in the current climate, where fact counts for more than theory, political positioning or spin, Clarkson's views are becoming as irrelvant as those of the politicians.

So the outrage expressed by politicians in the UK is as misplaced as the shock Clarkson sought to cause through his comment - both are posturing and irrelveant. Clarkson should stick to commenting about cars and politicians should stick to playing their political game - stray off the pitch in search of a quick goal and both parties are likely to come unstuck.

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