Privacy overlord Keith Schilling’s girlfriend gagging order

Sarah Oliver, writing in the Mail on Sunday, has decided the recent debate over privacy and superinjunctions make for a timely exposee on a gagging order she was forced to sign over a decade ago when dating gagger-in-chief (alongside other gagging supremos such as Hugh Tomlinson QC) Keith Schilling.

Oliver claims she got as far as her second date with Schilling before he slapped a confidentiality agreement on her while serving up a sumptuous supper of cheese on toast. Well while it might have seemed like a bit of a shocker to her at the time, to be fair to Schilling, it makes sense that he would seek to protect his and his clients’ secrecy – would be a bit embarrassing after all for a privacy lawyer to have his privacy exposed.

So Schilling might be on to a good thing here – had his various clients adopted it sooner in their careers – slap a gagging order on your date before they get a chance to tell about any kissing!

From her account, Oliver doesn’t paint a picture of a particularly sentimental Schilling but she should maybe check the gagging order she signed for if it is set out to continue in perpetuity she could find out why he got her to sign it.

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Charlie said...

Keith Shilling should get a life, his credibility is shattered, there's more to life than being a sycophant to the psychopathic rich and famous.