Open season at News of the World as celebrities line up legal actions over phone hack claims

And as predicted (by Mediabeak and others) after Sienna Miller’s payout last week, the floodgates have opened up early this week and quick to get in there was Ulrika Jonsson who has unleashed Charlotte Harris from law firm Mischon de Reya to go after the News of the World for her slice of compensation. Harris will be busy as she’s also reported to be lining up a similar privacy action for James Hewitt (whose name first entered the frame for being romantically linked to Princess Diana.

Meanwhile actor Hugh Grant has seemingly not yet decided to pursue a claim after police showed him evidence of him having been potentially hacked. That aside Grant had his say (or rant) in a BBC interview where he backed superinjunctions and the fact people’s personal peccadilloes should be allowed to be protected – he would know of course – Grant is still smarting at the press some 15+ years on from having been caught with his pants in a compromising position with a Los Angeles hooker.

He is also no fan of the Press Complaints Commission which he said was ‘toothless’ and the ‘laughing stock of the world’ – the PCC was swift to hit back and point out Grant had not used their services since 1996 (why would he if he thought they were useless).

High Grant’s tirade against the tabloid press was repeated on BBC’s Five Live radio programme debate on the future of journalism and attracted a response from the now ‘TV’s Piers Morgan’ who was previously editor of The Mirror – it wasn’t too far into the programme when Mediabeak, following Morgan on Twitter, read Morgan’s post:

Hugh Grant is now banned, in perpetuity, from @PiersTonight and Life Stories. And anything else I ever do. Tedious little man.”

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