Fred the Bed Goodwin (super)injunction does not prevent “any sort” of financial inquiry by FSA

With the discredited superinjunctions collapsing around the courtrooms, the similarly discredited superinjunction user Sir “Fred the Bed” Goodwin (you have to credit The Sun with some top headlines) has had his veil of secrecy lifted to reveal he was trying to cover up the fact he had been bonking a fellow banker -
- Fred is no stranger to seeking superinjunctions for spurious reasons - as Mediabeak previously reported – Goodwin had also tried to injunct the media and others from referring to him as a ‘banker’.

Mr Justice Tugendhat had lifted part of the gag last week but only to the extent that it could be disclosed that Fred had bed a banker but not go as far as naming who she was. This led to a rally of calls for more disclosure on the grounds that Fred’s bedding may have caused him to take his eye of the bank - the Royal Bank of Scotland – as it spectacularly crashed as one of the biggest failures of the banking crisis. In clarifying his order Mr Justice Tugendhat made it clear that while the identity of who Fred bedded and their relationship would remain protected by the injunction, the revised order would not prevent ‘any sort’ of inquiry by a regulatory body such as the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and anyone suggesting so “would be wholly mistaken”.

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