Winslet wins £25k from Daily Mail

Kate Winslet has today won £25,000 damages from the Daily Mail over reports the paper ran in January this year that questioned her diet. Today's award follows an earlier apology by the paper and a successful action against Grazia magazine in 2007 after it claimed she was seeing a diet doctor.

The Mail gloated over the 2007 award against the magazine and reported the fact Winslet had donated some of her award to a local eating disorder charity. The tabloids have been fuelling the obsession over weight against which the likes of Winslet are campaigning and so can't help themselves speculating over their weight and fitness regimes. The announcement of today's settlement just confirms the fact that when it comes to securing a splash over speculation about a celebrity's weight or fitness normal ethical principles go out of the window. What Mediabeak thinks is surprising is that the award is fairly modest in terms of 'going rates' for libel - perhaps its because Winslet was not using a CFA.

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