Carrie Prejean drops libel action - did sex video play a part?

Carrie Prejean - or Miss California as she may otherwise be identified - has, it would appear, suddenly settled her libel action against the Miss California pageant.

Having been crowned Miss California, Prejean was dethroned in June this year after she 'failed to carry out her duties' - or as was more publicly the case - because of her unapproving commments over gay marriages. Prejean had launched a religious discrimination and libel action but this seems to have mysteriously settled when a sex tape surfaced. Apprently the tape just involved Prejean but that seemed to be enough.

There always seems to be/has to be a sex tape ready to surface in cases such as these. Her legal action was set to make her enough publicity to make up for the lost earnings and damages she may have won if the action had ever made it to trial and - what seemed unlikely - she had won. As Paris Hilton knows, sex tapes can prove risky but if rightly managed also lucrative. For Prejean it seems to be (no pun intended) a touchy subject and she nearly stormed off Larry King's chat show this week after deeming his enquiry about her legal case to be inappropriate. The pageant may have been good but the aftermath makes for a far better drama. Who knows, once the tape hits You Tube we may see Prejean knocking at the court door again.

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