Peter Andre in second libel win this year - Now magazine pays substantial damages

Peter Andre - popster and ex-husband of the phenomenon known as Jordan aka Katie Price - has this week won 'substantial' libel damages against Now Magazine.

Back in July the magazine had run an article that suggested Andre had been too busy playing about with his musical equipment to properly supervise Katie Price's disabled son Harvey who had consequently had a couple of accidents. The article further suggested Andre was just using Jordan for sex (though there will be many who may argue such a suggestion may not be defamatory).

Legal case
Both these allegations are defamatory in their own right. The magazine may have - if it thought that far - sought to publish or subsequently argue on the basis that as Andre presents himself as a devoted family man then anything that calls this into question is legitimate ground for discussion. In this case the magazine had no proof to substantiate the allegations it presented as fact and therefore no justification for publishing what it did.

This is yet another example of a gossip rag trying to shift its sales with sensationalist copy. Whether the sales increase offsets the libel damages Now is now paying out is unlikely. Making such specific allegations against high profile 'celebrities' is a red rag to a libel action unless one can prove that what is published is true or justified by context. Neither applied here.

This is not the first time Andre has litigated over articles suggesting he was not a caring parent and husband - in 2008 he and Jordan won damages and an apology from the News of the World after it published 'revelations' from a former nanny under the title "Jordan exposed: Nanny reveals sex, rows, binges.." - that article also contained the allegation that Jordan's son Harvey had hurt himself as a result of Andre's lack of attention.
Back in July this year he also won substantial damages from The People over its false allegations he has made lewd sexual advances to a model who looked a bit like Jordan.

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