News of the World continues to bait Gordon Ramsay

Not satisfied with the damage two weeks of its Ramsay’s bedroom nightmares coverage has achieved, the News of the World continues to recoup the hefty fee it paid Sarah Symonds by reprinting its headlines and reminding readers that its circulation is beating its rivals. There were at least two 'ads' in this week's editions that used the Ramsay exposee front page to promote the NoW's credentials. They might not have managed to prevent publication but Ramsay's PR machine has achieved the best damage limitation it could hope for by refusing to be drawn or respond to the 'suggestions'. NoW might be able to prove that he knows Symonds but beyond that its down to hearsay - if his slate is clean he'll let things die down and sue NoW for libel for good measure - if it all fizzles out then both sides will have used reasonable doubt to their advantage.

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