Elton John doesn't get to sue over spoof diary

No stranger to the libel courts, Elton John has failed in his latest attempt to make the press pay for not being nice to him. This time it was the Guardian that he’d dragged to court after he took offence to its spoof diary column ‘A peek at the diary of..’ Elton had not appreciated the humour and said it was defamatory. Luckily for the Guardian and common sense Mr Justice Tugendhat threw the case out.
The decision will come as a blow to Elton John who is used to more success in the courtroom having sued the Mail and The Sunday Times in 2006 (over stories about his approach to charity balls he was hosting) and the Sunday Mirror in 1993 (over a story that he was on a diet that involved him regurgitating his food – though the damages awarded in that case were reduced from six figures to £75,000)
The offending ‘Diary’
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