Defamation unlimited - Juicy Campus continues to dish the dirt

What was launched as a gossip forum for US colleges has essentially proved to be a hotbed for defamation. 'Juicy Campus' continues to court controversy, the site operates on a message board system and has even less controls than Facebook or MySpace and essentially encourages students to dish dirt and exchange gossip anonymously. As reported by the Boston Globe this week, postings have included one calling a student 'a disease infested whore' but what that student and others who have been defamed can do about it has yet to be tested. The website may argue that it merely provides the technology and those posting the individual messages are the 'publishers' (albeit anoymously) but at the end of the day the obligation will fall to Juicy Gossip to have some form of moderation to temper the seemingly limitless forum it provides for defaming unsuspecting students.

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