Big Exploding Rubber Duck in IP wrangle

Someone has to have a sense of humour (in this case Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman) if they think it's a great idea to create and tour a giant rubber duck around the globe. However this has proved to be one big bad duck as all has not gone well on the far east leg of its tour. 

Aside from variously and inexplicably 'blowing up', the duck (or more precisely, the IP rights relating to it) has become embroiled in an IP infringement spat following the production of rogue merchandise (and inferior unlicensed 'duck-themed' products) during rubber duck's visit to Keelung City in Taiwan. So rather than be part of a fun event that was meant to engage people, it has got them fretting over the quality and authenticity of their bath toys. According to reports, originating artist, Hofman, took exception to the cheap nasty duckies on sale and this, according to the Taipei Times, has brought 'shame' on Taiwan

You have to feel sorry for the big duck, which perhaps stressed by its IP having been violated, suffered a blow-out when it got to New Year!

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