Expenses scandal: Jacqui Smith resolves “haggling” dispute with Daily Mail

The PCC says Jacqui Smith – former Home Secretary who took a bashing in the press after it was revealed that her expenses claim included charges for adult films her husband had viewed has resolved her complaint against the Daily Mail. In line with reports on broadcast and other media, the paper had published a story claiming that Smith was “haggling” over £500 of expenses that MP’s expenses auditor, Sir Thomas Legg had asked her to repay. The Mail published an apology acknowledging its story was inaccurate and she had indeed repaid the money:
“Following a story on Channel 4 News alleging Jacqui Smith was challenging Sir Thomas Legg's request for repayment of £1,500 expenses, we ran a story saying she was haggling over £500. We accept that this was incorrect and that she has repaid all the sum asked except £39.99 for a barbeque she had never claimed for. We are sorry we got this wrong and are happy to clarify the facts.”

Smith, as other MPs, has been quite touchy about the subject of her expenses and when the former Chairman of the Committee of Standards in Public Life, Sir Alistair Graham, described Smith’s designating her sister’s spare bedroom as her main home as “near fraudulent”, Smith threatened legal action.

PCC report HERE