PCC to police online only publications

The Press Standards Board of Finance has announced that it has given the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) the go-ahead to extend its scrutiny over the press to publications that are only available online. In 2007 the PCC expanded its role to cover online content on newspaper and magazine websites but given the surge in internet-based/internet only publications, this extension in remit allow the PCC to extend its watchful eye across the online environment BUT before we get too excited and think the entire internet is now being policed, the extension in remit is limited as follows:
publications that must be recognisable as UK based newspapers or magazines which, if in printed form, would come within the jurisdiction of the PCC.

the publisher and editor must subscribe to the Editors’ Code of Practice.

the publisher must agree to pay registration fees to PressBoF.

So this will open a few internet doors but only those who are happy to allow the PCC in!

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