Lily Allen gets apology and payout from Sun for fake quotes

The Sun has been forced to apologise and pay damages to Lily Allen after printing a string of allegations it couldn't back up.

The complaint relates to a 'story' published in May this year that reproduced quotes - attributed to the singer - that supposedly came from an interview with French sports magazine 'So Foot'.

What The Sun said - it printed a story headed 'Ranting Lily' that claimed she had said rude things about the Beckhams (Victoria apparently being labelled 'a monster') and that other talented couple Ashley and Cheryl Cole (who was apparently 'stupid and superficial').

Problem with the story was that The Sun took it from So Foot who - it appears - made it up.

Result - if you make up stories, don't check the source and falsely attribute comment to people (especially celebrities), you're going to get sued!

Today's High Court grovel on the part of The Sun follows earlier court action in September where The Sun agreed to pay £10,000 plus legal costs - see:
Press Gazette

Other rants The Sun reported on (but have not been litigated over)

Could a privacy action follow over boob exposure coverage...

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