Politician punished for libellous political Tweeting

The Tweetosphere is coming increasingly under the spotlight of libel laws and the Uk has seen its possibly first High Court action following an electoral spat between by-election candidates in Wales that supposedly left a Caerphilly councillor 'open to ridicule'.

The allegation and story are actually more mundane than the potential precedent this case sets. A competing council candidate had tweeted that his opponent had been 'removed by police from a polling station' without elaborating on or substantiating the tweet which his opponent argued was libellous.

This isn't the first Twitter related libel - or Twibel - action - Courtney Love's case stole the lead on this - but what is interesting is that while this settlement was considerably less than the Courtney Love action ($430,000) and was for libel actions a paltry £3,000 - part of the settlement involved publishing an apology on the offending Twitter site.

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