Stop this sleazy stitch-up and get on with real news and proper policing

MediaBeak is calling time-out on this story. Its been running a week and the coverage is totally disproportionate to the alleged crimes that have been committed.

It's a disgrace and waste of precious police time that there should be (as the Mirror puts it) 'a swoop on the Mossy posse'.

Faced with the enduring threat of terrorism and increasing racial and social unrest why is it that our top cop, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair considers it necessary to personally launch an investigation into Kate' s coke taking.

Surely he should be more concerned with examining evidence such as the cctv footage released of the July 7th London bombers rehearsing for their atrocity rather than studying the grainy snaps splashed all over the Mirror.

It would seem that Sir Ian has been learning the art of spin from his political namesake Tony. Faced with pressure to resign following the shooting of Charles de Menezes, what better way of taking the heat off yourself than stepping into the week-long news story mauling fragile Mossy. What a great diversion. If he diverts any resource from more serious crime to staking out the fashionistas of Primrose Hill then he should resign.

Meanwhile the media are doing their best to squeeze all they can out of what some believe are the dying embers of Kate's career and the media's attempts at killing it.

Having headed up the offensive, The Mirror kept up its coverage with today's front page proclaiming Kate's apology and then using that as an excuse to print more pictures and rehashed copy.

The News of the World got its angle with its '3 in a bed lesbian orgies' story at the weekend while

The Sun produced its 'exclusive' yesterday claiming 'Kate's on crack'. The paper alleged that 'cocaine Kate' and chums were using the harder and more addictive drug, crack cocaine.

This was met with a firm rebuke from Kate's lawyer Gerrard Tyrrell at Harbottle & Lewis who said his client 'specifically denied' these claims. The paper toned down today's coverage with its witty headline about Kate being a 'snorty girl' .

The Daily Star finally joined in today reminding Kate how all this trouble had not been worth it with its headline about the 16 year old girl Pete is supposed to have dumped her for.

At the rate things are going and with someone, in the form of Kate Moss, having been fired (several times over), it won't be long before someone gets sued (new reality show idea for TV execs - 'the litigator: someone's going to get sued'). Whether it will be The Sun or any of the other tabloids remains to be seen. Kate may have said sorry but she's been cautious in relation to what she's actually said. Her caution has not been met by similar restraint on the part of the media or Sir Ian Blair. To prosecute Kate for coke you need solid evidence. To defend a defamation action you need more than a puff of powder. The contracts she's losing come at a cost and at the end of the day it may not be she who pays the final price.

It may be coincidence that as recently as July the Sunday Mirror was left licking its wounds after being forced to pay substantial libel damages to Mossy over its claims she'd collapsed in a cocaine-fuelled coma. She may do coke but they couldn't substantiate those claims. The Mirror may have been able to recoup some of the costs its sister title was forced to pay by exposing this latest 'cocaine Kate' story but you don't need to be too seasoned a pundit to predict that her career will outlast the currency of this story.

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