Proposed TV regulation would inhibit growth and curtail content

A report out today by high-tech industry trade association Intellect in conjunction with the Broadband Stakeholder Group, is heavily critical of the EU's proposed revision of its TV Without Frontiers Directive (TVWF).

The groups see the proposals contained in this and its accompanying Audio Visual Content Directive as being premature, ill-conceived and an attempt to regulate the internet by the back door.

Rapid advances in technology have meant that the original TVWF Directive drawn up in 1989 is in need of a revamp but the EU's current proposals seem more like a set of blanket rules to gain control over the online environment rather than thought through regulations to help shape it and encourage growth.

Antony Walker, Director for the Knowledge Economy at Intellect said;"Our members are seriously concerned that the European Commission's proposals will inhibit growth of the content and new media market in Europe. New audio-visual content services, made possible through innovation in digital technology and the internet, should be given time to evolve and develop rather than being shackled by premature and unnecessary regulation intervention by the EU."

Intellect Press Release HERE
Intellect Response to the TVWF proposals HERE
Broadband Stakeholder Group HERE
European Commission proposal HERE + Audiovisual and Media Policy site HERE


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